3 Reasons Timing Is Crucial For Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance

Most owners of residential and commercial owners fail to understand one major secret about their air conditioning units. An air conditioner’s operational efficiency, energy efficiency, reliability, and the useful lifespan of the unit all depend on how well repairs and maintenance services are conducted, realizing the importance of HVAC repair. This is, of course, in addition to the type, size, and capacity of the particular AC unit you use in your home or office building. But there is another burning question most homeowners ask. Is timing important when scheduling air conditioning repair or maintenance service? Well, the truth of the matter is, timing is actually not only important but crucial. Well, this having been said, below are the 3 reasons timing is crucial when scheduling air conditioning repair and maintenance with a reputable heating and air company.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is one of the main reasons to have an AC system installed in your home in the first place importance of air conditioning. Even a layman would understand that comfort is as important as security and safety when it comes to indoor environments both for homes and office buildings. Indoor temperatures can be more than unbearable during the hot summer season. If the extremely hot or cold season comes and your air conditioning unit is not functioning at peak efficiency, then your comfort will absolutely be affected. An AC system that is not efficiently providing cool, quality air in sufficient amounts will obviously affect your comfort in the living environment. Unless you are prepared to deal with the unbearably hot conditions or stagnant air in your home, the sooner you talk to a professional air conditioning repair service when your AC system has a problem, the better. It can also be a wise idea to schedule an air conditioning maintenance service to check for any needed repairs to your air conditioner when the warm summer months are around the corner. It is always best to ensure that the system is well prepared to get you through the extreme cooling season without frustrations, the inconvenience of an air conditioning breakdown, and the accompanying lack of comfort.

  1. Associated Costs (Repair & Operational)

Just like any other mechanical system, your air conditioning unit can be prone to a variety of problems. Some of the most common AC problems may include energy inefficiency, lack of sufficient production of cool or cold air, refrigerant leaks, drainage leaks, and so on and so forth common air conditioner problems. At times your AC unit’s condenser fan may run consistently, and at times the unit may completely fail to start up or shut down. The problem could be the system’s clogged condensate drains, a faulty fan motor, a problematic thermostat, a damaged ignition system, or dirty air filters. The thing is; the longer you wait after suspecting or noting a problem with your air conditioner, the worse the problem will get. Consequently, this could lead to considerable higher costs in air conditioning repairs when the damage gets worse, and procrastinating can also potentially lead to the need for replacing the ac unit entirely, which would mean substantially higher costs.

  1. The Useful LifeSpan Of Your Air Conditioner

No one would ever purchase an air conditioner that would require replacement within just a few years, unless, of course, the unit was only for temporary use to begin with. We all want home cooling equipment that justifies the investment by being reliable and durable, and maximizing our comfort in our homes. Even though factors such as the climate of the region you live in, and the type of air conditioning system you have types of cooling systems may affect an AC unit’s life expectancy, the average longevity of most air conditioners is typically going to be around 10 to 15 years furnace lifespan. This number can go lower or higher depending on the timing of repairs and maintenance. In other words, air conditioning repair delays and poor maintenance can lead to a reduction in the lifetime of the system. This is mostly based on the fact that some heating and cooling problems lead to an overworked unit in order to deliver the required temperature levels.


In addition to the fact that overtaxing your air conditioner means you’ll end up spending more on energy bills, the unit will also be subjected to a higher level of wear and tear, a factor that obviously affects its longevity. Simply put; timely air conditioning repairs and proper as well as regular air conditioning maintenance can extend the life of your AC system, reduce the need for repairs and replacement, and improve its energy efficiency to a point that your energy bills can be drastically reduced.