Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement: What’s the Best Option for You?

Considering the crucial importance of a properly functioning heating, cooling, and air conditioning system throughout the year, most property owners tend to miss the point when it comes to maintaining their homes or office buildings at comfortable temperature and air quality levels. Especially during the intensely hotter months of summer, having your air conditioner functioning at 100% operational efficiency is paramount. However, the few conscientious property owners who ensure regular maintenance checks throughout the year will spare themselves a great deal of agony as consistent AC maintenance service keeps your system in top performance and helps detect major problems before they escalate to bigger, costly issues to fix maintaining your air conditioner.

Whenever you observe signs that your air conditioner is not functioning properly, is damaged, or displays signs of inefficiency, it is always wise that you call a reputable and experienced air conditioning repair service company with lots of good online reviews as soon as possible for troubleshooting and performing the needed repairs. However, sometimes replacement is a reasonable alternative to air conditioning repair, depending on the specific circumstances at the time. But then again, when should you opt for replacement and when should you stick to repair? Below is a brief breakdown of important pointers regarding air conditioning repair or replacement: what’s the best option for you?

About Repairs and Replacements

The other word for repair is fixing the problem. Common AC problems such as a faulty thermostat, insufficient cooling, sensor problems, drainage problems, and refrigerant leaks may not be so hard to troubleshoot, and maybe fix using do-it-yourself guides. However, some of them act as signs that you need to call a professional air conditioning repair technician ASAP. There are also factors that make air conditioner replacement a better option than fixing what can sometimes be an expensive repair problem. Air conditioning replacement may involve a replacement of the basic AC equipment on the existing ductwork system or may involve a complete overhaul to replace the heating and cooling systems, its components, and accessories, as well as the ductwork. This having been said, there are a few factors to consider when debating about air conditioning repair or replacement.

When to Repair

Some of the most common factors affecting the decision include the age, cost, performance, and energy efficiency. According to Joanna R. Turpin, most people consider air conditioning repair because it is, in most cases cheaper, faster, and less involving in comparison to replacement or repairment. According to Tom Moore, an Indiana university graduate, and writer for the Angie’s List Magazine, AC replacement can cost around $4000, whereas it can cost between $300 to over $1,000 on average to repair and air conditioning system. Most other experts say it will cost considerably more than $4,000 to replace your air conditioner; ranging from $5,000 – $7,000. When weighing your options based on budget, air conditioning repair is a winner option. However, the aspect of the system’s age versus its life expectancy should also be considered. If the unit is more than 10 or 15 years old, finding its parts can be overwhelming. It’s also, most probably worn to some extent and repair may not be the best option.

When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

There are various indicators that you should replace your AC unit instead of fixing it. If you find yourself in the position where you have to pay for the same air conditioning repair multiple times, the problem is either your HVAC service company or your old AC system, which may require a replacement. Cost and the age of your air conditioner can also be a good determinant in making this decision. If the cost of replacing multiplied by the age of the unit is more than $5000, then it might be the time you replaced your AC unit. Also, replacement can be a better option if your cooling system is constantly spiking your utility bills up, or is costing too much in terms of maintenance and requires constant air conditioning repair.

The best way to approach the situation is to work with an experienced heating and air repair contractor , in case you’re still stuck on whether to choose air conditioning repair or replacement.